2020 Bag Trends from Gucci in the Philippines and Other Popular Designers

2020 fashion is big on 90’s revival, and bag trends is an excellent testament to that. Belt bags are all the rage these days, and fashion influencers are flaunting interesting pieces that perfectly complement both formal and streetwear. If you are a bag enthusiast, surely you have taken notice of the exciting news trends on the runways. But it can be daunting to sort through all the options and find which trendy pieces to buy. After all, designer bags don’t come cheap. So which bag trend is worth adding to your collection this year?

Vintage purses

Vintage never goes out of style, and the same goes with handbags. Every year, prominent name designers always release designs that fit the vintage aesthetic. What’s great about this style is that designers have put a modern spin on the bags they release every season to make it more appealing for both the younger and older generation. Gucci in Philippines has a wide array of choices if you are looking for a precious vintage purse to add to your bag collection. Think simple shapes and embellishments like rhinestone clasps or a gold chain handle.

The ubiquitous belt bags

There are several ways you can rock a belt bag. The sophisticated take on this fashion-forward piece makes it versatile and perfect for any occasion. It is also hands-free and convenient for bringing small and essential items. Gucci has monogrammed belt bags that are perfect with streetwear, while designers like Burberry favor the more classy design appropriate for a more conservative dress style.

See-through oversized plastic bags

Another trend this year, which is a nod to the ’90s is the oversized plastic bags rocking the runways. The bag is perfect for summer because it has a more casual look. You can bring it with you to the pool or the beach if you prefer to have a designer flair to your outfit. Brands like Moschino and Versace have some excellent selections that are both chic and sophisticated.

Unique bag shapes

If you are one of those girls who cannot resist the trendier styles, another off-the-runway look to try is unique shapes. You can break tradition once in a while by trying something new. Geometric shapes and odd angles were quite common in the spring/summer 2020 shows of Alexander Mcqueen, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga.

Straw and crocheted bags

Who would have thought that crocheted and straw bags will get the designer treatment? Well, this year you will find many designers putting a high-end spin on a favorite summer essential. From Michael Kors to Alberta Ferretti, you will find not only bags that are perfect for your next summer holiday trip but also one that you can use as an ideal accessory to your day to day casual outfit.

Bucket bags

Bucket bags have never gone out of style and continue to be a trend this year. High-end brands like Hermes and Fendi have fashionable bucket bags that look both edgy and fashionable. Bucket bags are uncomplicated and can go with any outfit.

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