Authentic Bags Philippines Facebook Sellers: 5 Tips in Buying Your First Designer Bag

Anyone who is a lover of high-fashion knows the feeling of buying their very first designer handbag. For many women, designer handbags are the crowning glory of any collection. But buying your first is not always easy. There are so many brands to choose from, and you also need to consider your budget among other things. In buying authentic bags Philippines Facebook sellers are also increasingly becoming more popular. Aside from online sites and marketplaces, finding your dream designer bag through social media offers added convenience. But if you still don’t know which bag to buy, how do you choose your first designer handbag? Read on below for our tips.

Set a specific price range

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you need to make sure that you are setting a limit to how much you will spend on your first designer handbag. High-end bags don’t come cheap. What you need to look out for are styles and designs from known brands which will not go out of style. The advantage of this is that the bag you buy might still fetch a reasonable retail value down the line. Nevertheless, if you want to splurge on something trendier, make sure that you are not spending too much. If you are indeed on a budget, you can look for authentic pre-owned designer handbags online.

Find the best place to buy

Authentic bags Philippines Facebook sellers typically specialize in sourcing pre-owned handbags with classic styles and designs most sought after by handbag lovers. Although buying online is more popular these days, you also have the option of buying from a consignment store or directly from a mall outlet. Whenever you are buying online, you also need to take extra precaution in making sure that you are dealing with a reputable seller who can provide proof of the product’s authenticity.

Choose a brand you love

There are many brands to choose from depending on your style preference. Classic European fashion houses like ChanelLouis Vuitton, Chloe, and Gucci are always a favorite. Select a brand that speaks to your aesthetic and find a bag that you genuinely love and will match everything that you have in your closet.

Select from a range of classic bag styles

Although fashion houses come up with trendy styles season after season, there are designs which they have been producing from decades and remain relevant in today’s fashion scene. For example, the Chanel Flap bag remains an iconic piece in many wardrobes. A classic style becomes an investment piece which you can hand down as an heirloom or resell at a fair value.

Consider functionality

When you buy your first designer handbag, you are likely planning on using it as much as you can. Functionality is important because authentic bags Philippines Facebook sellers carry an extensive range of options, but some of them may not fit your lifestyle. For example, if you travel a lot, you might want to consider something more spacious like a Louis Vuitton Speedy. On the other hand, a Chloe Faye small bag will suit you better if you are looking for a casual chic piece you can use day to day.

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