Balenciaga Bag
Balenciaga Bag on Sale Authentic: A Great Addition to Your Luxury Brand Collection

Designer bags collectors don’t confine themselves on specific brands and their popularity. Some look for non-traditional but elegant designs that suit their style and satisfy their need to make an addition to their collection. One of the brands that has given another perspective in what-a-durable-bag should look like is Balenciaga. Even considered a flop at the start, they proved to the fashion world what they could offer as more and more celebrities have been seen carrying their Balenciaga bags around and gained the It-bag status on their comeback.

The rebellious design makes a trend

Balenciaga became popular as it gave a new definition of durability with its slouchy-look designs. Unlike other brands, Balenciaga makes use of the softest, thinnest, and most lightweight materials that appear like a very distressed looking type of leather. But by the time you touch their product, you will be instantly hooked and choose it among other brands. Behind its soft, unstructured look, edgy hardware, and wrinkled-looking appearance is a bag made of luxurious leather and amazing hardware detailing that makes this brand popular on The Bag Hub. They also make a brave move when explored its design in a staggering array of colors that other brands don’t do.

No two Balenciaga bags look identical

While Balenciaga remained humble with their minimal handbag design, they attached it with a unique appearance that none of their products seems similar. This feature is what most bag-lovers brag about when they have this brand in their collection The Baggery Philippines. 

Ways to check its authenticity

With its breakthrough in the fashion industry, Balenciaga has become one of the most copied brands in the world. So before you invest in Balenciaga handbags, make sure that it is a real one on Yoogi’s Closet. Like other luxury brands, it has devised its identification on every item in the form of an interior tag that either silver-plate attached to the leather tag, or solely a leather tag. They also make use of a set of letter code that indicated the style of the bag, the season of production, and color. The inside label of a Balenciaga is a true indicator of authenticity and age.

Classic and timeless designs that are highly recommended

The classic Balenciaga City bag owns the spot as a timeless piece and sought-after design from the brand. It is well-made of soft leather with zipper details, bold round studs, two whip stitched leather top handles, and a strap. Another brand’s design that made a huge impact on the handbag world is the Motorcycle bags N-CASH is the trusted buyer of authentic designer bags. Whatever you choose from these timeless classics will, of course, need a relatively huge amount. But as assured by its makers, it is highly durable and may even last a lifetime if taken care well.

In searching for your first designer bag to own, or an addition to your collection, make a choice that will show off your style and personality. Remember that handbags on, whether they have a luxury brand or not, only adds up to your character. You may choose to stay trendy, but over time, fashion is a reflection and expression of who you are. So don’t be afraid exploring for what will make you satisfied.

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