Best sites to sell and pawn designer bags

One of the perks of having a designer bag is that you can sell it anytime with an amount that is not far from its original price. There are two common reasons in reselling such a valuable item – either you need cash, or you plan to purchase a new one. Whatever goals you have in mind, your designer bag will not fail you to recover the amount you invested with that item as long as you give due diligence to preserve the quality of your handbag.

Get your bag cleaned up LuxOnline

For a quick start, give your luxury bag a decent cleaning, especially the parts that are commonly checked by luxury bag hunters, to bring back the appealing looks for better chances of getting them bought in no time. Check all the pockets not to leave any of your things. When you got the almost exact looks of your bag just like how you purchased it, wrap it carefully to prevent it from getting dirty again.  

luxonlineph is the original designer bag shop in Philippines. Preloved bags and branded bags supplier in Philippines authentic Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags Lux Online PH sells everything from brand new designer brands to jewelry and preloved items. the shop has a perfect 5 rating on its FB page. Lux Online PH’s FB Page has a lot of reviews from real customers. The owner, Anne, was also commended for being trustworthy and patient.

Best sites to sell designer bags

Set your price with

The next step to make is to set for the price that is worthy of your designer bag. Better expect for a lower amount compared to its original price. But if your designer bag is one of the most sought-after designs, check for the current pricing and search for its resale value to make sure that you will get a good deal out of your designer bag.

Bagaholic is your one-stop-shop for buying and selling of designer handbags. buys used Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Rolex and other popular designer brands and sells them with sensible prices.So if you want to weed out your old Louis Vuitton but a bit uncertain, because of the money you spent just to get a hold of it; then again, and you must not fret because Bagaholic is here to help. Just come to the store and they’ll buy your branded item, and then put it up for sale.

Ready documents and other proof of authenticity The Baggery Philippines

After setting your resale price, prepare the documents indicating that you are the real owner of the item like the official receipt, or the hang tag. You may even provide your buyer with the original packaging of your designer bag if you safe keep them properly after you unwrapped your package. The authenticity card is also important, so better bring it together with other proof of authenticity to show them to your potential buyer.

The Baggery Philippines is an online store that exclusively sells original bag items, and with it the expertise to spot replicas or fakes with unmatched authority. As the name implies, The Baggery Philippines sells only genuine second-hand luxury goods from sources that have been vetted and verified by its team of experts. Its stocks are by consignment and you could be one of them should you be in the market. To fund your next purchase perhaps?

Look for a buyer you know Rebag

When selling for any items, the first to approach are the people you know personally as well as your interest for luxury bags. This tactic of selling can save you from time and energy from going everywhere to sell your designer bag. Since you know who will buy your handbag, you can also save your money from expenses and charges that are usually incurred when selling a high-end product. You may even give your buyer a little discount or give any token as a way of giving thanks to your buyer.

Rebag is online site that sells your preloved luxury designer handbags online. To consign with them you can send in your items for inspection and quotes and if you are within their service area, they will actually send someone over to your home to inspect and pick up your items. Your items will go through additional inspection and authentication at their offices.

Post your item online

In case no one from your circle can afford to buy your designer bag, go for online buy and sell sites for luxury items and post your item to sell. Take the most engaging photo of your bag, including the interiors where the proof of authenticity are placed, and all the attributes of your authentic brand. Make catchy selling phrases and provide the details of your items, including the selling price and your contact details.

Getting the right price for your designer bag is not what only matters. It should also give you peace of mind knowing that your previously owned bag is in good hands. Own a Designer Bag Through Monthly Payments.

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