Chanel Bag Price: If it is too Good to be True, It probably Isn’t

Buying goods at a lower price is not always the same as being practical. This is what every designer bag hunter should remember. They sometimes fall prey to sellers who offer a lower price for luxury bags without checking their authenticity.
Chanel bags are one of the top brands that can easily be imitated. It is no wonder because of the mark it established in the fashion world is one of the most iconic brands to this day.

Detect if your Chanel bag is a real one

If you plan to buy a Chanel bag, don’t settle for the deceiving price attached to it. Chanel bags, like other luxury brands, are costly because of the materials used, the craftsmanship applied, and the limited production of every design. Their popularity among celebrities and well-earning individuals has created a widespread desire to own one even if it is just an imitation. Good thing Chanel made its way to protect their designs, and through this, you can be sure that it is a real one

1. A flap of trademark.

Chanel bags have a flap that has their logo and an imprint on the logo itself. You can check the alignment of the double-C: the right side is overlapping the left side, and the bottom is overlapping the right side. Chanel also uses only two types of screw on their flap: the flat and hex screw. Also, they have their brand name at the buttons, as well as the location where they were manufactured. Every bag branding has silver or gold metal finishes on the outside that matches the inside that is also in silver or gold. These simple details can help you detect even on early stage if the Chanel bag you are eyeing to buy is fake or not. 

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2. Scratch free chain.

Every chain that is used has beautiful glossy-finish. It can be seen with no imperfections, and every top is beautifully flattened. Also the connection and centering are not sloppy giving it a radiant glow even after a long time of use. What You Need to Know When Buying a Pre-owned Louis Vuitton Handbags

3. Serial number designation.

Checking for Chanel’s serial number is a wise move. Every interior of a bag with this brand provides a serial number located at the bottom-left corner. This serial number should be the same as the authenticity card provided with every purchased bag. There is also a reflected sticker on the top-right corner of the card that is far different from a simple sticker. Finding this feature in your Chanel bag gives you the assurance that you’ve got one of their limited editions don’t buy authentic bags in Philippines on Ebay.

4. The price is worth an investment.

Choosing the Chanel brand for your handbag is worth an investment. Counterfeiters can be easily detected – they offer a super low price considering that Chanel bags retain 85% resale value at the very least. They can have a resale value of up to 200% higher if taken care of properly. Chanel bag price ranges from $3,300 (Classic Mini Flap Bag) to $261,000 (Diamond Forever Classic Bag). Chanel’s value is what makes buying it as an investment more exciting.

Ensuring its authenticity means not throwing your money on something that is not valuable. If you are looking for a cheaper one, you are probably not looking for a Chanel designer bag sale or how to buy Luxury Bags for Cheap.

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