Chanel Bag Price Increase as of November 1, 2018: Will it affect the love of Chanel bags?

Chanel is one of the most popular brands around the world when it comes to women’s fashion. Aside from iconic clothing, Chanel is perhaps most known for handbags coveted by every style maven around the globe. Anyone who owns a Chanel bag knows how valuable each piece is regarding craftsmanship and quality. There are women today who would do anything to own a handbag made by this famous French brand. Even back then, a Chanel bag is an investment. The price of a Chanel bag continuous to increase as the brand’s value remains on top. There was a recent Chanel bag price increase as of November 1, 2018, where the cost of a classic 2.55 Flap bag, for example, increased by approximately 6%.

But in spite of this price increase, the market for Chanel bags remain on top and here is a list of iconic Chanel bags that every woman should consider owning in her lifetime.

The classic 2.55 flag bag

Perhaps this is the most well-known bag Coco Chanel made. The name of the bag, 2.55, comes from February 1955 which is when this particular style was introduced. Coco Chanel herself designed the rectangular lock which is recognizable as the standard lock for many Chanel handbags. The 2.55 model is still sought after and increased in value within the last five years. If you are looking for a pre-loved 2.55, you could be waiting in vain because this design is hardly available in the second-hand market.

The classic flap bag

Similar in silhouette to the 2.55, the flap bag has a slight variation in the shape of the flap and the strap. This design was introduced in the 80’s by Chanel fashion director Karl Lagerfeld. The recent Chanel bag price increase as of November 1, 2018, upped the cost of a small classic flap bag by 6.4%. Nevertheless, it is still a worthy investment which will fetch a good resale value as long as you keep it in excellent condition. The full collection, you can view at my Instagram account.

The Chanel boy bag

This model got its name from an English polo player who was also Coco Chanel’s lover. She affectionately calls him ‘boy’; hence the name of the bag. The boy bag is a relatively new design introduced in 2010. If you are a seasoned collector, you should try to look out for limited edition releases which will likely cost a lot more when sold second-hand after a few years.

The Chanel shopping bag

This bag model was also introduced in the 1980’s and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This bag is roomy, unlike the flap bag which is why it is perfect for travel. It is more affordable than other Chanel bags, and you can use it every day or even for work. This is another highly collectible item, and any Chanel lover will know that buying one means you also own a small piece of fashion history. It is safe to say that the effect of the recent Chanel bag price increase as of November 1, 2018, will impact the market, but not enough to dissuade Chanel lovers from hunting and buying their favorite Chanel handbags.