Did You Buy a Secondhand Bag in Japan? Get It Authenticated in Cebu, Philippines

The Japanese have always maintained their reputation of being purveyors of quality. Nevertheless, in a growing global economy, it is not surprising that even the Japanese have embraced buying second-hand goods such as luxury handbags.

Japan has quite a robust industry dedicated to selling second-hand luxury handbags and many who travel there decide to buy designer handbags from these second-hand shops. In some instances, there are handbag sellers who exclusively source their items from Japanese consignment stores, buy them in bulk, then sell them here in the Philippines.

One of the challenges in buying second-hand luxury handbags is determining authenticity. Getting your purse authenticated in Cebu, Philippines is possible through several channels.

Get it authenticated by a reputable online seller

One of the ways you can have a second hand item authenticated is by getting in touch with an online seller dealing with similar goods. For example, Cebu-based online seller Dream Luxury Cebu offers authentication services via Entrupy. What is Entrupy? It is a revolutionary method of determining the authenticity of various goods through an artificial intelligence technology operated using handheld devices like a smartphone.

There are well branded names, like Luxury Station Philippines or Athenticate First, that use Entrupy, but their prices are much higher. However, you can find a promo for authentication service for only 1000 pesos. 

What’s unique about Entrupy is its capability to pick-up on microscopic details of the item being authenticated, and then compare it with thousands of images stored on the cloud. As more information is collected, the accuracy of the method also increases. There are many industries currently using Entrupy to authenticate various goods. Apart from the luxury bag industry, jewellery sellers and e-commerce retailers and sellers also use the service to stop counterfeits from flooding the market.

Get it authenticated through an online service or forum

There are many online sites dedicated to helping bag lovers determine if the product they bought is authentic or not. These forums, such as PurseForum are a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. You need to begin by taking detailed photos of the item and depending on the brand or model of the bag; there are pre-set rules on how to take pictures so that members of the forum have a better reference in authenticating the product.

Before posting your authentication request, you also need to provide all information such as the name of the seller where you bought the item. Once you’ve posted all the relevant details, all you need to do next is wait for answers.

Get the bag authenticated directly at a boutique

Another excellent way to have a second handbag authenticated is to visit the boutique and request for authentication assistance. Not all boutiques offer this service, so you may need to look around for one that accommodates authentication.

Many people feel confident in getting their bag authenticated directly at a boutique because there is an impression that you can rely on the boutique’s staff expertise to spot a fake. Overall, it matters not which method you choose as long as you receive the right verdict for the product you bought.

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