Do Louis Vuitton Bags Ever Go on Sale?

For bag lovers and collectors, the answer on whether Louis Vuitton brand does ever go on sale is well-established – it is a big NO! This practice has been done for customers to appreciate their product as it is – of high quality and value that their price is only secondary to these. As one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton has maintained its classy, elegant, and iconic styles that every bag savvy is excited to scrutinize whenever a new design is out in the market.

Many factors play an advantage for Louis Vuitton, making them confident that their luxury bags can be sold at a fixed and considerable price even long after their creation. They have the means, capital, skilled workers, and market that are established for years. The products they produced retained or even marks up in resale value due to the demand on their limited edition of handbag designs. Needless to say, if there is an unbelievable drop on the price of a brand new Louis Vuitton bags, it is a counterfeit.

They own, control the production, and manufacture their product

Having a company that is wholly owned in terms of the brand, production, and manufacturing of products, as well as the distribution, is advantageous for a luxury business. Having these capacities give them the control on their output depending on what is selling or not, as well as the pricing of these goods that are always pegged in considerable amounts. They do not worry if some of their products are not sold quickly and selling them at a discounted price will never be an option since they are already assured of the profit they got from other purchased items.

They are established in their market

Louis Vuitton is admired due to the simplicity yet elegance in every product they sell in the market. With the sophisticated designs handled by the best craftsmen, and with the use of quality materials, this high-end brand continues to be the staple of celebrity fashion. Usually, practical buyers do not purchase items on their first launch in the market and wait for a sale to afford them. But Louis Vuitton’s market is different. They will wait for the release of the latest brand’s masterpiece and purchase it fully aware of the price that is worth an investment.

Since Louis Vuitton does not make large quantities of stock, those who failed to get this limited edition pieces continue their hunt in getting an original one through the resellers of pre-owned designer bags to complete their collection without expecting a drop in price.

Louis Vuitton bag monthly payment

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They mean business

This French fashion house was considered as the second oldest existing luxury brand and maintained their original “trunk on canvass” concept in all its products. Louis Vuitton now operates in fifty countries with more than four hundred sixty stores worldwide and continues to expand because of the growing demand for luxury products. They are not bound to reducing their prices to attract customers. They want to be appreciated as the brand that will never turn their customers down in terms of high-quality products that do not lose their value as long as they bear the Louis Vuitton trademark.

Louis Vuitton offers clients who are looking for something timeless – a bag that is going to stand the test of time. And this business goal has been the practice for years, and they succeeded even if they never go on sale.

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