Don’t Buy Authentic Bags in Cebu on OLX

Filipinos love designer name brands. Anywhere you are in the country; you will readily observe a lot of people wearing designer clothes and carrying branded handbags. Of the most popular bag name brands, the most popular among Filipinos include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel. If Hermes bags were more affordable, it is likely you will see more in the hands of Filipinos. But Hermes bags, depending on the model could cost as much as a small car or a condominium.

If you invest in classic handbag designs, the resale value is still high enough to consider it a worthy investment. These days, if you are looking for pre-owned designer bags, the most accessible place to go to is the internet. There are a lot of online marketplaces for retail goods, and perhaps one of the most popular is OLX. But experts advise that if you are looking to buy designer handbags in Cebu, don’t buy from OLX. The reason is simple; you could get tricked into buying a fake.

Buying online from OLX does not give you the guarantee that what you are buying is authentic. Some of these re-sellers have vague seller profiles, and there is no way for you to verify their reputation. If you are looking for designer handbags in Cebu, look for trusted sellers or buy directly from mall boutiques. What are some of the red flags when it comes to bag authenticity? Here’s what you should look out for.

The bag’s logo

Counterfeit bag manufacturers tend to alter the logo a little bit to avoid trademark infringement. But if you have an untrained eye, you might get fooled! For example, Chanel’s signature monogram consists of two “Cs” interlocked together to look like two chain links. The logo should never look like to “C” laid one on top of the other.

Quality of the leather

You’ll quickly notice fake leather by its smell. Fake leather smells like rubber while genuine leather should smell like dried animal skin. You should also check the grain and check if the pattern is even, much like how your own skin looks. The underside of a real leather bag should have a rough surface and must be lightly hairy. One trick some people use to check if the leather is fake is to burn a small spot like the tag. Real leather does not burn easily while fake leather does.

Card care and tags

Date stamps, card care, and tags are also excellent places to start checking if a bag is authentic. Sometimes, you can spot brand-name misspellings from care tags which are a major red flag in detecting a fake bag.

Overall, buying designer bags in OLX is not a good idea. A designer bag is an investment and may still fetch a good resale value if you find a classic design that is still in excellent condition. If you want to real thing, buying online is not always the best option. Look for Cebu bag sellers that pride themselves on quality and authenticity, above all.