Don’t Buy Authentic Bags in Philippines on Ebay

Buying designer handbags online is easy. You simply open a search engine, type the bag brand and style you are looking for and start browsing from hundreds of online listings. Some of the top searches will often lead you to online marketplaces like eBay. These platforms have been around for a long time that they already have an established customer and seller base. Yes, eBay is one of the biggest names in eCommerce. But, designer handbag experts warn against buying from these platforms, especially eBay Philippines.

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What’s wrong with eBay?

eBay is an online marketplace, which brings together a network of sellers who have individual accounts where they put up products for auction or outright sale. For the most part, this formula works because customers somehow have the confidence of a massive company backing them every time they make a purchase. But can eBay effectively monitor each seller account and ensure that buyers do not get duped into buying fake designer handbags?

Fake designer handbags are a real problem

The market for counterfeit bags is a massive problem around the world, and the Philippines is a hub for these knock-offs. Chinese manufacturers of counterfeit handbags flood the market with these fakes, and some of these could end up getting sold on eBay Philippines. Although eBay has a strict policy against counterfeit products, there is a likelihood that a seller does not get flagged right away.

Remember, nobody will sell you fake bags on terms or layaway. This is why it is important to find the seller who offers finance options, such as terms or layaway. You can read about our financing on our website.

Apart from counterfeit bags, another problem with buying from eBay is the assurance that the seller is truthful about the listing, especially when it comes to the condition of a pre-loved handbag.

What about buyer protection?

Every customer on eBay is eligible for buyer protection as long as the transaction follows the recommended process and if you pay using PayPal. Although eBay assures customers that they will get the assistance required if a transaction does not go as planned, the inconvenience to the customer is not worth the risk. The entire dispute process may take a long time, and you will only get more frustrated than getting any help resolving your problem. Moreover, who has the time to spend hours over the phone dealing with customer support? It is simply not the trade-off you are looking for just to save a few bucks buying the designer handbag you have been saving up for.

If you want to sell your bag on eBay Philippines, doesn’t mean you get a good price, because it doesn’t offer consignment services.

The best way to buy designer handbags online

Instead of buying a designer handbag from an online marketplace like eBay Philippines, look for consignment sellers instead. These sellers specialize in buying and selling authentic designer handbags, and every buyer can avail of personalized services such as meet-ups to inspect the item before closing a sale. Designer handbag consignment is also a favorite way to get your hands on authenticated designer bags at a much lower price.

Ebay Philippines takes few days to sell your bag, but if you need cash you might want to consider pawning your handbag.

If you are looking for a new bag to add to your collection, don’t buy from eBay. Instead, search for online consignment stores that can provide you with a money-back guarantee on your purchase through a swift and hassle-free transaction.