Don’t Buy Authentic Bags in Philippines on Lazada

Luxury designer bags are all over the internet these days. If you type a specific brand or style on Google, you will likely get more than a dozen results pointing you to a variety of online marketplaces where you can score the best deal on that bag you have been saving up for. However, there is a significant risk in buying a luxury branded bag from an online marketplace like Lazada. Despite the convenience and ease of transaction, luxury bag experts say don’t buy authentic bags in Cebu on Lazada, and here is why.

There is no guarantee on authenticity

Since Lazada is an online marketplace, their platform is meant to provide sellers with the opportunity to market their products and reach a broad customer base. The formula works because sellers would often testify of their success stories in selling through this popular marketplace. However, if you are looking to buy a luxury designer handbag, Lazada is not the best place for it. If you try going through their product categories, there is no guarantee that products are authentic. Some sellers are also based overseas, with very little information on how you can verify if the product they are selling is real or not. If you take the chance and find out that what you bought was fake, you will have difficulty in returning the item or getting a refund for your payment.

Designer brands do not have flagship stores on Lazada

There is no luxury designer handbag with a flagship store on Lazada. What this means is, that you are taking the chance to buy from an unknown seller. Although there is a way for you to contact the seller through chat, there is no assurance that the seller you are dealing with will be completely honest with you about the authenticity of the bag. Moreover, authentic bags sold on Lazada from an overseas seller is highly likely to be a counterfeit, as mentioned on the PurseForum.

The refund and return process can be quite a hassle

Getting a refund and returning an item you bought from Lazada can be a hassle at times. Although the site offers customers with different reimbursement options in case they are not satisfied with their purchase, you will still need to take time off to process the refund and wait to get your money back.

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The better way to buy authentic designer bags online

In conclusion, don’t buy authentic bags in Cebu on Lazada because you are gambling your hard earned money on a product that could be fake. Instead, look for luxury brand consignment stores that can guarantee the product you are purchasing is 100% authentic. Online consignment stores in Cebu personally curate each piece they sell.

This is the list of my online stores

Additionally, they know the sellers and can also vouch for the quality of each item they offer on their site. Another advantage is that these online consignment stores offer clients a money-back guarantee. If you have been saving up to buy your very first designer handbag, it is best to look for these luxury consignment websites rather than gamble your money away by buying from an online marketplace.