First-Time Guide to Luxury Bags Consignment

Buying pre-owned handbags online is one of the best ways to get your hands on vintage luxury handbags. Many people, and even celebrities do it because it eliminates the hassle of hunting down rare designer bags that some fashion houses have discontinued making. But what if you are new to the scene? How do you make sure that your first time buying a luxury bag online does not turn into a bad experience?

What is luxury bags consignment?

Perhaps one of the safest ways to buy a designer handbag is through luxury bags consignment. Consignment is generally an agreement between the owner of the luxury handbag and the seller who will find a buyer for the item. Once the item is sold, the seller gets a commission from the proceeds. Online luxury consignment is very popular because these consignment sellers ensure that products are appropriately authenticated and inspected before they are put up for sale.

Know the bag’s original price

Before purchasing a pre-owned designer bag, the first thing you need to do is to research the original price. You may also want to research the resale value of a particular design, especially if it is a sought after item. A one-of-a-kind item will likely cost a lot, even on consignment, but a pre-owned item is significantly more affordable than buying brand-new. By knowing the original price, you can more or less set the right expectation and compare the prices offered by several online sellers.

Verify authentication and return policies

Return policies will vary from one seller to another. The same also goes with authentication. Unlike regular retail shops, online sellers may not be as generous with returns. However, it is best to clarify your options with the seller, in case you are unhappy with the purchase. You may also want to check the authentication process used by the seller. The stricter and more thorough the authentication, the better the service.

Do not expect too much

Buying pre-owned designer bags do have their cons. For the most part, you need to lower your expectations. The cost of the bag also varies depending on its condition. It makes sense that the lower the price, the likely it is that the product has already some noticeable signs of usage. Always check how transparent the seller is in declaring minor damage such as scratches on the hardware. Ask for detailed photos, or at least view the product in person before buying.

Consider layaway and financing

Luxury bag consignment sellers typically offer several payment options, even layaway, and financing plans. If you are wary about the budget and there is a sought-after piece for sale, you may want to inquire about layaway plans or financing. Most of these sellers will accept financing through major credit cards.

This way, you do not have to pay upfront and have the opportunity to budget the expense by spreading the payment into several installments. And read which Is Better iPrice.Ph or Shopee.Ph

In conclusion, consignment is an excellent way of owning designer products. There are many excellent online consignment stores, especially if you are looking for luxury bags. Do take time to know more about the seller, so that your first purchase goes without any hitch or concerns.

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