How Many Handbags Does The Average Woman Own?

Only a woman knows how handbags are essential to life. They may be for practical use, for showing off, or just a hobby of collecting. Handbags vary depending on the needs of a woman – if she wanted her whole house to be in her bag, or just put what is necessary for her specific activities. But what is common on women is that they own more than one bag, as having only one is not practical at all. A survey said that seven is the usual number of handbags that the average woman owns.

Handbags for practical use

At the minimum, an ordinary woman owns at least four bags to serve for her work, for travel, for a simple meet-up, and special occasions. The primary consideration for buying it is its practicality – the price and materials that would make it for more extended use. It may be big or small in size, but what matters in choosing these kinds of handbags is their usefulness while maintaining elegance when carrying them.

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Showing-off what you’ve got through handbags

Having designer handbags is a way of expressing that, ‘I am financially capable!”. Since bags are carried anywhere, seeing you in brands of a Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Hermes is surely a show-off. Owning a designer bag, even if tagged as luxurious, also manifests the social and financial freedom and status of a woman. It gives a rewarding feeling that a woman deserves for her hard work and the longing to be recognized in our society. One designer handbag at least every year is what an average woman owns.

And you need to stay away from fake bags. This is why it is very important if you buy online to use authentication services to make sure you didn’t pay top price for OEM bag.

Making a collection of bags differs from being “bagaholic”

Having the desire to have as much bags to be owned is branded as ”bagaholic” or “bag addicts”. It is based on the trend in fashion and given enough resources that an owner possesses. But having this urge to acquiring lots of bags is different from those who want to make a collection. It falls under different categories: by its brand, the material used, or souvenir from going to different places. It is more of a hobby of collecting but in a planned manner. Handbag collectors don’t limit to a number as to how many bags they have to own, as they always explore for something new to add to their collection.

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Looking for quality handbags made easy

Planning to buy a bag is made easy nowadays having the Internet plus the growing industry of locally-produced bags from different parts the world. More online sites provide for the needs of bag-lovers, be it brand-new or pre-loved. It is good to personally visit shops to make a thorough scan and feel of the product you want to purchase.

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Owning a new handbag also symbolizes a fresh start, and somehow empowering for women. Since buying bags serves as an addition to life, get one that is not only a “look-good” but also a “feel-good” item.