How to Become a Designer Handbag Reseller

The eCommerce industry grew tremendously in the last decade, and opportunities abound for those who are willing to put in the effort and take the risk. Fashion products remain as one of the top categories of items to sell online. True enough, the eCommerce industry is also credited for boosting the success of many consignment stores and online shops that deal with designer handbags.

Designer handbags are a timeless and functional fashion accessory. Since most designer brands fetch a high price, many who are conscientious about their spending look for online designer handbag resellers that specialize in vintage, pre-owned, or secondary market.

There are some well-established resellers for second hand luxury bags in Philippines that everyone knows about, such as Bagaholic,, The Bag Hub, The Baggery Philippines and Luxury Station Philippines. 

There are popular online stores like, or  Or if you need quick cash, you can always pawn your bag at N-Cash or 

However most of them are missing personal touch, or offer very low resale price. And eBay Philippines is the worst of them all.  

How to start selling designer handbags online

If you are interested in starting a business as a designer handbag reseller, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First, there are several ways to do it. You can manage your online consignment, sell in an online marketplace, or use a social media platform for marketing your goods. Each of these options has distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider.

What is a designer handbag consignment?

To consign a product means the owner will let you sell the bag for a commission. Designer handbag consignment is very popular in countries like Japan and the US. Many consignment stores cater to celebrities because of the trust they have built with their clientele. Consigning designer handbags in the Philippines is a relatively new idea. But the market is significant, and there are diamonds on the rough worth discovering. However, making a mark as an online consignment store will take time, effort, and a lot of research.

Selling through an online marketplace

Most sellers start their business through an online marketplace because of the extensive captive market. Online marketplaces provide both sellers and buyers with protections and guarantees and an overall hassle-free transaction. Nonetheless, the primary challenge in selling through an online marketplace is how to stand out against the competition. Not only do you need to devote your time in monitoring your progress, but you also need to market your product effectively to succeed in an online marketplace.

Social media selling

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are popular venues for selling designer handbags. One great thing about social media is that you already have a sizeable network which you can use to your advantage. Apart from using a personal Facebook account to start selling, you can also create a page, or join seller groups to have a better chance of reaching your target market. Facebook also does advertising for a small fee, which means you have marketing tools available within the same platform.


The designer handbag market is a profitable venture for an entrepreneurial fashion lover. But, it does take a lot of work building your contacts, suppliers, and marketing your product before you succeed. But if you know which brands to sell, and how to ensure that you are only selling genuine products, you will be able to build a clientele that will keep coming back for new additions to their designer handbag collection. And now you know where to sell designer bags Philippines.

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