How to Find Authentic Bags Cebu, Facebook Sellers, and Avoid Counterfeits

Counterfeit products are everywhere, and the fashion industry is one of the prime targets for fakes. If you are a lover of fashion, finding authentic items is getting harder these days especially if you love to shop online. According to an article published in Vogue UK, one in every five online shoppers get scammed into buying fake designer products. If you are purchasing authentic bags Cebu Facebook sellers may be the easiest access point into finding a coveted item, but you still need to take extra precaution in making sure that you are spending your hard-earned money on a genuine bag. Here are tips in avoiding designer fakes.

The price is a tell-tale sign

If you are looking for a genuine item, you need to know the actual retail price before searching for a seller online. Even if the bag is pre-owned, certain brands and styles don’t depreciate much in value. When the price sounds too good to be true, it is likely a fake. High-end designer bags will never go on sale except on rare occasions.

Find out more about the seller and the website

Perhaps it is your first time to encounter a particular online seller, and you are eyeing a bag you’ve been searching for a long time. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and research about the seller. Counterfeit websites posing as legitimate re-sellers of the brand are also out there, so you need to do a fact check before trusting a seller. In buying authentic bags Cebu Facebook sellers have the additional advantage of a vast network of followers, reviews, and feedback you can verify to ensure that you are buying for a legitimate source.

Check the product details

When buying branded bags online, you can only rely on the photos posted by the seller. Some sellers may be accommodating enough to provide additional pictures upon request. To determine whether you are buying an authentic item or a fake designer product, scrutinize the logo, hardware, code, and material. Designer brands have particular fonts and styles that some counterfeiters miss out on. You need to look at every detail and research for additional tips online to guarantee that you are not buying a fake.

Read seller’s ratings

Online shopping marketplaces like eBay give you the additional benefit of being able to read reviews and ratings from previous customers. You will know right away if the seller is legitimate when the scores are high. If you are not buying from eBay, look for comments and other information which can give you further insight on how the seller handles business.

Use a guaranteed payment method

After all that you can do to ensure that you are not buying a fake, you also need an extra layer of protection by using a payment method which can guarantee you get a refund in case you end up getting scammed. Whether you prefer authentic bags Cebu Facebook sellers over other online shops, these tips should help guide you in shopping safely for designer bags.