How to Safely Purchase Authentic Bags Online Philippines

Online shopping is the norm these days. It is not only convenient, but frequently you get better deals from online sellers than you would at retail stores. Needless to say that buying online applies to just about any commodity these days. In fact, designer handbags are not exempt. There are numerous online places where you can purchase authentic bags. If you want to buy authentic bags online Philippines, here are a few tips to guide you with your purchase.

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Don’t ignore your common sense

Be wary of super cheap deals from sellers in China or Hong Kong. These places are famous for counterfeit designer bags, and you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money and end up buying a fake.

How to spot a fake

Spotting a fake can be challenging when you are buying online. The seller must have detailed and clear photos of the bag so that you can examine the quality. Check the logo and the stitching. Look out for any inconsistencies with the original bag design. Sellers of authentic bags online Philippines often provide proof of purchase such as receipts, care cards, the box, and dust bag. Use every information you can find online and my YouTube Channel to help you decide whether or not the item for sale is authentic or not.

Know the practice of designer brands

Every designer brand follows a specific strategy in selling their handbags. For example, Gucci stamps a serial number at the back of a piece of leather tag inside the handbag. They are also known for using fabric with diagonal texture for lining the insides of bags. For Louis Vuitton bags, you need to pay attention to the shape of the “Os”. It should be distinctly round and not oval. All Louis Vuitton bags made since the 80’s typically have a date code stamped in some area of the bag. Sellers often include a photo of the date code.


Buying a designer bag online can be a gamble if you cannot verify the reputation of the seller. That’s why you need to make sure that you also take the time to read customer feedback and reviews before trusting a seller of authentic bags online Philippines. As much as possible, buy from an authorized seller only or if you want to be entirely sure, go directly to a mall boutique. Nevertheless, buying a bag online can pay off if you are careful and diligent in finding that one of a kind piece you’ve been dreaming of adding to your collection.

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