How Valuable an Hermes Bag Can Be: A Guide for First Time Buyers

Every designer bag brand has its unique stories behind their success. What is truly inspiring in these companies is that they have established distinct characters of their creations that excite their own sets of clients. One of the big brands that has maintain its credibility in bringing quality luxury bags is Hermes. This company expresses its commitment to deliver products with a trademark of heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, and exclusivity in the field of ultra-luxury leather and silk products.

Since 1922, Hermes has never failed to amaze bag-lovers of their highly-fashionable and daring creations, making them one of the best valuable luxury brands in the world. Now, Hermes is unstoppable in saturating the market of designer handbags as they have established 310 exclusive stores worldwide.

/brandThis expansion is concrete proof of how valuable Hermes bags are in terms of their amount and the patronage of bag-lovers to the brand. If you are looking for a cheap designer bag, Hermes is definitely not one of them. Price of the Hermes bag can get as high at 10,000 USD.

Pawn shop Hermes – Is it possible?

Yes, there are now pawn shops that accept Hermes bags. Given that the value of Hermes is unquestionable since this brand has remained loyal to their principles even if the company has passed multiple generations, there is no wonder why this brand is one of the most sought-after.  The value on either resale or pawn shop Hermes is maintained and recognized.

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Products are made from fine leather and meticulous construction

Every Hermes bag is a carefully crafted piece of art. The skyrocketing price of their products is justifiable by the premium materials they use and the outstanding creation process since all their bags are handcrafted.

Hermes is known for its exceptional use of a wide range of varieties of leather compared to other brands worldwide. The brand even features around 30 different types of leather in just one collection. They usually use natural leather such as calf, skipper, alligator, and ostrich, to name a few.  They apply extreme caution depending on the required handling of each type of leather.

And when it comes to construction of bags, Hermes sticks to their unique process of stitching called “The Saddle Stitch.” This type of stitch is maintained on their masterpieces since it does not disentangle when done correctly. They use linen that is waterproof and smooth to touch. Also, they use a beeswax coating to prevent the bag from rotting. For the hardware part, Hermes uses the process called “Pearling” instead of using screws. They prefer this method to keep the hardware in place after prolonged use as compared to the traditional screws that can loosen with time.

Daring in colors

Uniformity in color is what other brands maintain since they are known for this feature. But Hermes did not take the same path as they explore different colors in their creations. The brand mastered the dying of leather to get the colors suited for the design they make. Now, Hermes make bags with almost all shade and hue in the rainbow, a daring move they apply in luxury bags. Still, they have handbags in neutral colors to accommodate plain but expensive-looking products.

Hermes bags are also available for monthly payments. Many offer buy now pay later financing programs. Birkin bags are available for terms and layaways.

Bags that hold their value

Bags with a tight stitching, blemish-free leather, and scratch and tarnish-resistant hardware are the features of Hermes that make them valuable even after years of use. The Birkin Bag, for instance can be resold after a couple of years with the same or even higher value as long as it was kept in good condition. This valuation in Hermes products is a way of keeping its promise to clients- to get what they pay for now and the future.