LV Bags 2019: What Designer Bags Sell Better thebaghub or

E-commerce allows everyone to maximize the online platform to buy for the products they are looking for or to sell the goods for a better deal. This chance opens a way to search the most desired designer handbags easy nowadays with the help of the Internet, like bags from the famous brand Louis Vuitton.

Although it is not seen as a boom like in other parts of the world, the Philippines has opened up some space on its market for luxury brands. High-fashioned and financially capable people now have access for the designer bags that is not easy to acquire before. With the use of the Internet, bag lovers can choose what to buy, or dispose of what to sell through e-commerce sites like or the

But how will you know which of these two sell Louis Vuitton handbags better? The answer lies on your preference using the quick guides that these sites can provide. All you need to do is make a thorough research of the things you need to know in buying and selling, and what features or services provide the slight edge over the other to transact for Louis Vuitton products.

1. Wider reach and online accessibility

One of the features that customers look for in making online transactions is the information provided in the online site. What can easily be observed is that the has limited features to explore, and their site is not updated. On the other hand, has a more precise presentation of their website, which a customer will more likely to navigate.

In terms of online reach, the Bag Hub has almost 40,000 followers on Facebook while the Bagaholic has only more than 3,000 followers. With these figures, you can see how advantageous to transact Louis Vuitton bags the Bag Hub has than Bagaholic.

2. Fast and personal responses

Looking for potential buyers or sellers of Louis Vuitton bags online is not easy to do, and it is essential for a customer engaging in luxury items to be provided with answers to their inquiries. The Bag Hub again takes the lead in terms of responding efficiently to online questions. The owner ensures to provide their customers top-notch handling by going to their places, showing them the products, assessing the actual value of luxury items, and provide space for their feedbacks. These strategies have created an excellent reputation and good relationship with customers because of the importance given to them by the owner.

3. Customer feedbacks and reviews

Online providers may be assessed through the feedbacks and reviews provided by the customers. On this aspect, the Bag Hub once again jumps off a more significant edge since it garners more positive feedbacks from its customers compared to Bagaholic. The Bag Hub also maintains professionalism in handling negative comments while the Bagaholic seems to ignore what is happening or fail to administer their page correctly.

With the necessary information on these sites, the edge on selling designer bags better is on

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