Must have handbags in your wardrobe

More than a decade ago, I only owned less than five bags. I must admit that I do not fancy them because I believe that designer bags are way out of my budget. I was happy that I have a few pieces of decent looking bags that I can use for work, shopping, and even out of town trips.

Until a couple of years ago, I started earning more money, so that means I have more spending power. That was the time that I got introduced to more expensive brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade. I started buying more popular brands because of its unique style, quality, and its name.

My bag collection continued to grow until one day; I realized that I have been hoarding bags for the past few years. So I decided to downgrade my stuff by selling most of my precious bags. I told myself that I am going to start becoming a minimalist by retaining only a few bags. I have realized that a woman does not need to have dozens of bags to survive. Here are some of the bags that I highly recommend that every woman must own regardless of its brand.

Crossbody bag from Chanel

Every girl should own at least one crossbody bag that can be used every day. This is perfect for someone who commutes from home to work. Choose a crossbody bag with adjustable straps so you can also wear it as a shoulder bag. Chanel makes the best crossbody handbags.

Tote bag Louis Vuitton

Every woman should have at least one large tote bag that they could carry around, especially at work. No need to worry about a shortage of space for your things like a wallet, cellphone, and make-up kit. For practicality, purposes choose a tote bag that is made of high-quality leather and with sturdy straps.

Medium-sized handbag from Prada

This is a perfect bag if you are the type of person who does not bring too much stuff. This bag can accommodate around 10-15 items and is also ideal for office use and client meetings. There are handbags that come with lengthier and detachable straps so you can convert it to either a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

Belt bag from Gucci

I would recommend wearing a belt bag when jogging or heading to the gym. It is perfect for carrying your cellphone, money, cards, and keys. Choose a belt bag that can accommodate your essentials and something that you can easily match with your outfit for the day.

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Using a backpack is convenient if you love traveling or taking short vacations. You can easily stuff your clothes and shoes that you will need for a few days. Choose a backpack that is sturdy and waterproof to keep your belongings safe all the time.

Lastly, invest in at least one formal clutch bag in case you get invited to a party. So to answer the question how many bags do you need?, I think that every girl should have six bags that can be used for specific occasions.  

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