Become authentic bag reseller

We are now offering you the opportunity to become an authorized Mall Icons reseller. The process is straight forward. You just need to follow three (3) simple steps:

Requirements to Become an Online Reseller:

1 Create an account on our official website , contact me directly
2 You must reach P2,500 worth of purchase to qualify for a Resellers Discount. (One time or Multiple orders)
3 Must Maintain P3000 worth of orders per month. In case, three (3) consecutive months with below P3000 will cancel your reseller discount until you reach P3000 a month again.

Featuring Cash on Delivery and Dropship

Cash on Delivery Benefits:

Payment upon delivery of your item at your address.

1 You will gain your customer’s trust that you are not a scam.
2 Your customer will pay their order upon receiving it
3 Our courier’s delivery man will collect payment from your customer
4 Our courier’s main office will then remit your customer’s payment to us.
5 After we receive your customer’s payment, we will then deposit your profit to your account (average remittance is 15-30 days)

Dropship Benefits:

Shipping the products directly to your customers using your own business information.

1 This will give you an opportunity to do business with no capital because you don’t need to have an inventory.
2 We will shipthe ordered items directly to your customers using your Business Name & information.
3 We will never disclose our business name or identity as seller, shipper or supplier.
4 We deal with reseller's concern not with reseller's customer concern.

Reseller: How it work?

1 Copy our product photos from
2 Paste it on your facebook account or any online store with the Suggested Retail Price.
3 Do the online Marketing: tag and share it to your friends.
4 Take the final orders from your customers.
5 Go to, Sign in then order your customer’s orders.Shipping fee will be automatically computed upon checkout. How?

After your order has been made, our staff will check the following:

 Stock availability (our inventory accuracy is 90%)
 Serviceable for Cash on Delivery.
7 If there is an unavailable stocks, you need to inform your customer to change item. If all items are available, then it is ready to ship.
8 If serviceable for Cash on Delivery, we will ship your customer’s order and they will pay their order upon receiving it. Payment will be collected by our courier’s delivery man. We will deposit your profit to your account after our courier will remit to us the payment of your customer (remittance average is 15-30 days)
9 If Out of Service Area for Cash on Delivery, you will collect your customers payment first, then send us your payment for the order thru BPI, BDO, LBC, Palawan or Cebuana. After we receive your payment, that’s the time we will ship the order.
10 For Dropship,we will ship the order directly to your customer but will never disclose our business name or identity as seller, shipper or supplier. It will be you as a shipper and a seller.
11 For Non-Dropship, we will ship the order to you and you will be the one to send it to your customer.

Discounts and Promos

Discounts – 37% per item discounts for reseller accounts 
Promo codes – monthly promo codes will be distributed to our regular reseller’s account
Gift Certificate for a monthly purchase of at least P20,000.00

Terms & Conditions

1 All resellers are required to purchase at least Php3,000 a month to maintain their reseller discount/status.
2 Cancellation of orders is prohibited. In case of cancellation of order, Mall Icons reserves the right to remove the violator from the resellers' list.
3 Order change is allowed once only within the reservation period.
4 Reservation period is STRICTLY 3 days MAXIMUM. Sundays and holidays are not included in computing the 5-day reservation period. Non-payment within the reservation period terminates the reseller's right to discounts.
5 Business inquiries and orders will be entertained from Mondays through Saturdays from 9am to 6pm only.
6 Shipping of orders is done from Mondays through Saturdays excluding holidays. Payment cut off for same day shipping is 2pm for non-COD. Delivery of items is from 2-7 days from the day of shipping excluding Sundays and holidays. Shipping details will be sent via SMS the day after shipment. We do not accept rush orders.
7 All items are on hand and are very fast moving. Please do not send your order unless you are sure to purchase.
8 Proof of payment must be sent to given channels. In case of failure to present and send proof of payment, items will not be shipped. Resellers are given 2 days to send their proof of payment after the reservation period.
9 Resellers must only transact to our website (, PM to our facebook page ( and official contact numbers. We cannot be held responsible for transactions done through other numbers or FB page which are not considered official.
10 Reseller discounts and prices must be treated with confidentiality. Hence, the provided info by Mall Icons to its resellers must be considered private and confidential. Non-compliance will result to cancellation of reseller membership.

Return and Exchange Policy

Return and exchanges due to wrong size ordered is allowed once only and shipping fees will be shouldered by the buyer.
Returns and exchanges due to damage or wrong item sent is also allowed by Mall Icons. Shipping fees will be shouldered by Mall Icons.
All items for exchanges must be shipped immediately after confirmation from us. A 5-day return must be observed diligently.
To expound further, the item/s for exchange must be received by Mall Icons within 7 days (including Sundays) from the day of shipment.
In case of non-compliance, Mall Icons reserves the right not to process exchanges in case of non-compliance.


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