Tips in Finding Where to Sell Designer Bags Philippines

If you are a designer handbag collector, you know how hard it is to let go of any piece in your collection. However, everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to keep track, maintain, and store them if you just have too many! Fashion experts advise that every woman should have no more than ten designer handbags at one time. If you have a lot more than you can use, you might as well sell them! Designer handbags fetch a good value when they are still in excellent condition. Some of the classic and iconic styles never go out of fashion and will always be relevant in any decade. But finding where to sell designer bags Philippines is not that easy. Here are tips to help you start with reselling your handbags.

Be familiar with your options

If you want to participate in online designer handbag reselling, you have two primary options. The first being an online marketplace like eBay or OLX. Another option, which is perhaps a little less daunting is to look for an online reselling website you can deal with directly. These online sellers who maintain their sites will do much of the hard work for you. But since they will be selling your item on their website, you are pretty much losing control on the process. Nevertheless, it is the safest and easiest way you can go about it.

The right pricing

Finding the right price for the item you wish to sell is perhaps the trickiest part. You need to do your research so that you can compare prices offered from several reseller websites. You also need to have realistic expectations. Wear and tear, plus devaluation will add to the price reduction. You have to understand that the right price is what comes between you and a successful sale.

Prepare the bag for selling

Before you start looking where to sell designer bags Philippines, you also need to take the time to assess the item and check if you need to have it cleaned and prepped before selling. There are bag cleaning shops that specialize in designer handbags. These shops can restore the original look and luster of a purse which will make it look more attractive to the buyer.

Take good photos at every essential angle

Buyers online can only rely on the pictures you provide to convince them that the product is worth buying. When posting a designer bag for sale, the images should be clear, have good resolution, and focuses on every single detail of the product. Photos should accurately reflect the size, color, and condition of the item for sale.

Full disclosure is key

Some online sellers fail to disclose if there are any issues with handbags they are selling. This is very disappointing and can dissuade customers from buying again. Even if you succeed in finding where to sell designer bags Philippines at the best price, you may lose clients if you are not honest about specific flaws and any issues with the item you are selling.