Treat Yourself to a Designer Bag for the International Women’s Day

Women today are celebrated as much for their beauty as their outstanding achievements. Long gone are the days when women stayed at home and did not have rewarding careers in every field imaginable. International Women’s Day is a defining point in women’s rights. Today, however, it is also about self-love and patting yourself on the back for everything you have done to advance the world’s respect for women and what they can do.

What do you give yourself as a gift on International Women’s Day? A designer handbag is an excellent choice not only because it is a fashionable accessory, but a functional piece that every woman will love.

What makes a handbag an essential accessory?

For every woman coming from various walks of life, a designer handbag symbolizes both practicality and style. An outfit is never complete without a bag in hand. Whether you are a woman in power or someone with a demanding lifestyle as a wife and mother, there is always something about a designer handbag that brings joys and excitement.

Designer handbags are also an excellent investment, especially if you stick to classic styles that will transcend trends. A luxury bag can become an heirloom piece that you can pass on to your daughter for her to love.

Which designer handbag should you buy for yourself?

There are many beautiful options out there. It is also worth looking at less popular brand names if you want to mix up your collection. The following are our top picks if you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself to celebrate womanhood:

De Mellier Mini Venice bag. This tiny tote bag first gained attention from fashion lovers all over the globe, thanks to Duchess Sussex Megan Markle for toting this piece on her engagement. Luckily, this bag is quite affordable and will not break the bank.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Another Louis Vuitton bag that should be in every woman’s closet is the Neverfull. It is casual enough to bring to work, and with enough space for your essentials when you are travelling. If you want class, and sleek elegance to exude in your style, a Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag is the perfect accessory choice.

Hermes Garden Party 36 bag. Hermes is well-known for some iconic bags such as the Birkin, but there are styles such as the Garden Party which also shows sophistication and understated elegance. This bag will complement almost any outfit in different colorways to suit every personality.

Gucci Marmont Camera bag. The signature ‘G’ monogram of a Gucci Marmont bag is eye-catching, yet the simple cross-body chain design is simple enough to go from casual to formal. This bag is an alternative to a Chanel Flap Bag if you want to switch up your style from time to time.

Regardless of the bag you choose, always remember to pick what you love, because a designer handbag is also an investment. The International Women’s Day is a reminder that women can be anything, and therefore afford to buy beautiful designer bags as a reward for hard work.