What Designer Bag Has the Best Resale Value?

Designer bags have made a different perspective in investing especially for women. What the brand maker’s promise with their products is what gives it a skyrocketing value – the materials used, the design, its durability, and the brand itself that has been long established in creating quality bags. Unlike many things that depreciate, designer bags can be up for resale, even for a higher price because of the limited but meticulous production of every item. So if you are a collector, you will aim to get every design that your favorite brand will produce.

How is the resale value identified?

The resale value of designer bags is set based on the demand of those who want to get one, if it is limited a limited edition, or one of a kind. Some idea you can get from online stores like Bagaholic bagaholic.com.ph and The Bag Hub thebaghub.com Here are four components of designer bags that buyers look after to:

1. In good condition

Though pre-owned, a handbag for resale must maintain its good condition. No matter what the brand is, if the bag is not taken care of properly, it will only have a lower value. Keeping the excellent quality of your bag gives you a sure chance of reselling it, sometimes at the same amount you bought it or even way much higher. Some good condition bags you can find on Pre-Loved Designer Bags Stores In The PH – Female Network and luxonlineph – Original designer bag shop in philippines

2. Classic design with a quality material

Among the most sought-after designer bags are those which are handcrafted and made exclusively for a particular brand. Over time, the classic design is always a choice of bag-lovers, like those made of canvass and leather. The Chanel Flap or the Louis Vuitton Monogram are considered the most classic and iconic bags in history. The resale value of designer totes with a classic design will never go down, as there are always people out there who want these kinds of handbags that will never will be out of style. Check out the best instagram for the luxury designer bags https://www.instagram.com/dream_luxury_cebu/

3. Famous people own it too

Having a purse that is seen used by famous people is an advantage in reselling designer bags. An example of this is the Christian Dior’s Lady Dior which is a favorite of Princess Diana. Its popularity, in addition to the quality the makers are known of, already gives it a higher resale value.

4. Practicality of use

Of course, a designer bag is not meant to be kept on your shelf. The practicality it provides to the owner sets a higher resale value and leverage of this is how hard and structured the bag appears. That is why designer bags evolved into not just a high-fashioned handbag, but also provides for the specific purpose of bags – to put anything you need inside them The Baggery Philippines – Your favorite Bag Store.

It has been the talk of the town that owning designer bags is way better than investing in gold, a house, car or other investments. But even if price tags of designer bags continuously increase, it is more important to combine investment with enjoyment. Yes, you can make a great deal reselling it, but you can choose to keep it because you are worthy of having it.

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