What Online Store is Better? The Bag Hub or luxonlineph

Looking for a designer bag to buy or to trade is made easy nowadays. From the physical store that is located abroad, luxury bags can be easily accessed now with the use of the internet. You can choose whatever brand you prefer, and you can trade your designer bag for cash or another brand.

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As the Philippines has become a desirable place to market luxury bags, online shops opened to guide bag lovers where they can buy or sell their designer bags like thebaghub.com and luxonlineph.com. Since both sites almost provide the same approach to inform the public what they are offering, it is essential to discover which of these online stores offer better services to accommodate the buyers and sellers of designer bags. Here are some guides to know which online store is better to satisfy your cravings for luxury bags.   

1. Buy, sell and consign

Aside from being known to facilitate buying and selling of designer bags, both online stores feature a new trading strategy, which is consignment. In this mode of selling items, a seller may engage the store to get their items a buyer, and the store earned a percentage of the selling price as their commission. Although there are terms and conditions applied like specific requirements on the physical features of the item to consign and a particular period of holding, some consignor finds this scheme helpful for their details are sold in earliest time compared to the usual selling in online stores.

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2. Online exposure and maximization

In terms of online exposure, both have maximized Facebook and Instagram pages, but luxonlineph.com has more followers compared to the thebaghub.com. Also, luxonlineph.com made its way to create links to other e-commerce sites to promote their products and services. On the other side, thebaghub.com has maintained a more updated website than the luxonlineph.com. Apart from these little edges from one another, both got positive reviews in accommodating and handling the queries of their customers.  

3. Celebrity customers

Since celebrity endorsements or recommendations are advantageous to make the store more popular, luxonlineph.com got more attention from the luxury community as celebrities have been seen buying or selling designer bags on their store and express their trust and confidence to the owner of the store. Some big celebrities even follow the Instagram page of luxonlineph.com, making it a come-on for other bag-lovers.  

4. Physical store

To reach more clients and to showcase the collection of designer bags, it is essential to settle for a physical store aside from the online platform. The luxonlineph.com has two stores called the Bag Lounge located in Ayala Southpark and Market Market, while The Bag Hub can be found in Libis.

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5. Other online engagement

Apart from the use of Facebook, Instagram, and their websites, luxonlineph.com go for a more interactive approach to sell their business by creating YouTube channel where the owner can be seen making Vlogs (or video blogs) showing and discussing their products. They have also devised a marketing strategy of giving away items for free through a raffle.

Having this information will surely help you decide what online store is better if you are planning to buy, sell or consign your designer bag.

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