Which Is Better iPrice.Ph or Shopee.Ph?

The Philippines, as well as much of Southeast Asia, is well-known for embracing the “mall culture.” For many decades, consumers flock to malls to get almost every commodity they need. But in recent years, eCommerce has exploded to massive proportions that many are considering online shopping as the norm. A testament to this is that many brands and corporations are investing in eCommerce to increase their reach. Although statistics show that compared to other South East Asian markets, the Philippines has lower shares in online spending, there is excellent potential, especially with the younger consumers and increasing middle-class population.

But the focus of this article is whether or not any of these popular ecommerce sites are best for buying luxury fashion products like designer handbags. Here is a brief comparison of Shopee.ph and iPrice.ph.

What is Shopee, and what are the benefits of buying using this platform?

Shopee is an ecommerce marketplace company based in Singapore with operations in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. The company is dubbed as a social ecommerce market because the initial business model is to allow consumers to sell to fellow consumers using the platform. The business model has since expanded wherein the website now offers business to business and consumer to business transactions.

When it comes to buying luxury brands, Shopee is similar to other online marketplaces where the buyer is offered a guarantee against fraudulent transactions. However, the larger the operations, the harder it is to police specific sellers. Although Shopee routinely flags sellers that violate terms and conditions, it may take time to detect and stop all sellers that deliberately engage in suspicious practices.

What is iPrice.ph?

iPrice.ph is an online shopping aggregator. What this means is that the platform makes it easier for consumers to shop for the product they want by comparing the prices offered by popular online stores. For example, if you are looking for a particular designer bag, you can compare the prices offered by various online stores using this platform. Note, however, that you will be completing the transaction using the online shop, not iPrice.ph.

Using iPrice.ph benefits both the buyer and the seller. Online sellers are exposed to higher traffic by partnering with iPrice.ph. On the other hand, buyers have a more convenient way to compare prices and narrow down their search by using the site.

Which site is better in buying a luxury bag?

There is no direct way to determine which is better iPrice.ph or Shopee.ph. First of all, iPrice is a comparison website, while Shoppe is an online marketplace. With iPrice being used by consumers to compare prices from different online stores, you may use it to compare and contrast rates of products not only from Shopee but from other well-known eCommerce sites like Lazada. https://www.instagram.com/dream_luxury_cebu/

Unfortunately, online marketplaces like Shopee and comparison websites like iPrice will not be able to guarantee the authenticity of the product. As such, it is still essential that the buyer observes due diligence in making sure that in buying designer bags, you are only getting the real deal.