Which is Better, the luxurystation.ph or Michka Authentic Designer Bags?

Choosing where to buy luxury bags is not a problem anymore for designer bag fans in the Philippines. Online shops continue to sprout, offering almost all the big brands and their iconic creations to the local luxury goods market. The increase in numbers of these shops is attributable to the changes in spending pattern and appreciation of local consumers on high-end goods.

Two online shops are making their name in transacting designer bags in the Philippines – the luxurystation.ph and the Michka authentic designer Gucci bags boutique. They deal exclusively with authentic designer bags and both established physical stores where their clients may visit at their pleasure. Both online shops have their featured items for sale and services to accommodate. To choose which one is better between these two online designer bags traders, it will always go back to the basics. These are the credibility of the owners, the adherence to the authenticity of designer bags, and the convenience in transacting provided for clients.

Years in business

One of the ways to measure the credibility of a company is through the number of years spent in its chosen field. Staying in this business is a risky endeavor to make because it entails a considerable amount of time and money to establish a name and survive the competition. Both Luxury Station PH and Michka have proven this test of time as they reach more than a decade of trading designer Gucci  bags in the Philippines.

Both Luxury Station Ph and Michka don’t offer terms or layaway, where you can buy your designer handbag on credit and settle through easy designer bags monthly payments. Every bagaholic wants to have gucci or louis vuitton speedy in their collection.

Services offered

Michka Authentic Designer Bags claimed to be a seller of authentic brand new and pre-loved designer bags with a physical store in Greenhills, San Juan in Metro Manila. The owner vouched for the authenticity of her designer bags since they are shipped straight from Japan and Europe. Aside from the handbags, Michka also offers other luxury items Speedy 25 in her items for sale.

On the other hand, Luxury Station PH is known for its authentication of designer bags services. Its 15 years in the sale, trade, and collection of luxury bags is the reason behind its capacity to confirm the authenticity of 15 most-known designer bag brands. It also uses Entrupy’s technology – an artificial intelligence device that can scientifically authenticate luxury handbags. Aside from assuring its clients of the genuineness of every item before listing it for sale, Luxury Station PH also sells pre-owned designer Gucci bags and accepts bag consignment.

Online followers

Online visibility helps to make a business known in the digital marketplace. There are ways to do this like creating a website, linking to other buy and sell platforms, and the most common and affordable method – maximizing social media accounts. The effectiveness of online visibility can be measured through the number of followers gained over time. By contacting them online you can learn chanel bag price immediately.

In fairness to Michka, she has more than 14,000 followers on Instagram and around 5,000 on Facebook. These figures are commendable for an entrepreneur that is little-known in the business and only engages in the selling of designer bags. The owner maximized the social media well that her business survived without an official website and been involved with clients on a more personal approach. On Luxury Station PH side, it maintained a website and has more than 1,000 followers on Facebook. It can be assessed that Michka has a more significant edge over Luxury Station PH in terms of online visibility.

Luxury Station PH and Michka have their strengths in dealing with luxury items. What is essential is that they do not offer beyond what they can deliver.

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