Which is better, thebaggery.ph or luxonlineph.com?

Choosing the right products to buy or which seller to trust to dispose of valuable items is one of the challenges that an e-commerce site should maintain to guide online customers. For the past years, the Internet has given trading of goods a new shape that brings both convenience and satisfaction to consumers. These online platforms offer almost every product, including luxury items which have not been traditionally provided before due to their delicate nature, like designer bags.

As the global market reaches a new level of appreciation to luxury bags, better opportunities are being opened to bag lovers and collectors everywhere in the world, including the Philippines. Different online sites are making their names in fulfilling the cravings for luxury bags of local clients like thebaggery.ph and luxonlineph.com. Many would ask what online site is better when it comes to the dealings of designer bags. But the safest answer lies in the preference of customers where their interests could be best served.

Services offered

Both The Baggery and Lux Online deal with brand new and pre-owned luxury items that have been up for buying, selling, consignment, and authentication. Let’s start with the differences between these two online sites. The Baggery caters to local clients while Lux Online engages with customers from different parts of the globe through electronic transactions. Both have physical stores – Lux Online shops are located in Taguig and Muntinlupa, while The Baggery can be found at their Muntinlupa store.

Although they are both dealing with authentic products, Lux Online has a more defined way of ensuring that no counterfeit will circulate in their luxury business. The means to check the authenticity of the items they buy or accept for resale are well defined.

In terms of other services for designer bags fans, The Baggery is more than a buy-and-sell hub. They also offer restoration services to fix damages and even replace parts if necessary. Aside from the repair works, they offer layaway payment mode, a service that Lux Online is not yet engaging.

Marketing strategy

It is a well-settled rule for businesses to devise strategies that will are engaging and useful to clients. For online shops like thebaggery.ph and luxonlineph.com, it is not enough to have a website and social media accounts to attract customers. It is commendable for a business to maximize all means to reach the potential market of luxury goods like what Lux Online has been doing. Aside from the simplicity of its online platforms, they explore other methods such as Vlogs (video blogging) and sponsoring of events to make them known to the public. They also show proof of satisfied customers that positively share their transactions with Lux Online, including some celebrity clients. This marketing technique is way far from The Baggery that is rarely given feedbacks by online customers.

Online reach for Dr Leather Cebu

Upon visiting the online platforms of The Baggery and Lux Online, it can be easily assessed that the latter has more engagements compared to the former. Amazingly, Lux Online has more than 72,000 Instagram followers and almost 50,000 on Facebook. These figures are far different from the 665 Facebook followers and 180 on Instagram for The Baggery. Assessing the online reach of these sites can be equated to the effectiveness in trading luxury items and satisfaction of clients. It is then needless to say that Lux Online is more established than The Baggery in terms of promotion and delivery of services as expressed in the number of their followers.

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With these pieces of information, anyone can tell that luxonlineph.com is more visible and influential than thebaggery.ph. But it is still best to experience their sites and services offered to rate, which of these online shops personally is better.

Designer Bags Monthly Payments

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