Which Purse and Handbag Designers are Most Popular?

Purses serve as the keeper of essential things for most women, making them as one of the carefully scrutinized things when shopping. Purses are also called, “pocketbooks,” originating in the 18th century as a kind of wallet based on its feature that fits into the pocket. Now it evolved into a glamorous accessory that enhances the looks of whoever wears it.

Like handbags, although commonly perceived as the same, designer purses have created another level of cravings for women. To give an idea what brands stand among many, here are the ten most popular purse brands that impressed bag lovers and listed for every collection.

1. Prada

If looking for a purse that is casually comfortable but has elegant appeal, Prada can provide this for you. It uses nylon that makes it durable and easy to clean that can last for years. Even with their minimal and classic design, Prada purses are still considered as a trendsetter. They make hobo bags, crossbody bags, twin pocket totes, python bags, and a lot more.

2. Louis Vuitton

This brand created some products that are seen to be synonymous with luxury and style. What is loved about this brand is its incomparable aesthetic looks made from excellent craftsmanship. Louis Vuitton has a variety of colors and designs. Aside from handbags, they also create clutches, wallets, and backpack styles. The Speedy is considered as the masterpiece of the brand for its simple style and design that is appropriate for almost all occasions. 

3. Chanel

Chanel established its name for the products made with the highest quality materials. They don’t make products that can last for years, but also designs that are considered timeless. They are one of the purse’s brands that have maintained popularity for one item, which is the Classic Flap Bag.

4. Michael Kors

The company is best known for its unique handbags and accessories. The brand is now the most popular among teenage girls for its mass appeal that provides a quality of a high-end bag for a much affordable price. Since 1981, Michael Kors brand has been dedicated to a vision of fashion that is as stylish yet lenient and iconic but modern styles.

5. Gucci

Known for its excellent Italian craftsmanship, Gucci is one of the brands that is considered well-established in purse making. From 1921, it continues to be one of the most sought-after brands in the world of fashion and luxury goods, especially when they created their most popular styles in a variety of fabrics. The materials used, prints, and unique designs make Gucci an iconic brand that is instantly recognizable.

6. Burberry

Expanding from its original products that are mostly outdoor wears, Burberry is now making its name for naturally but artfully-designed purses bearing their vintage print. Their designs are said to be loved by everyone, from royalties to ordinary people. They offer different items such as tote bags, shoulder bags, and clutches, and the Bowling Bags are one of the most prominent lines Burberry has created.

7. Coach

Coach is a trendy purse-maker brand. The purses are made from the finest materials such as luxury leather and coated canvass put in numerous products which feature limited colors and neutrals. Coach brand promises to provide stylish, versatile, and durable purses that affordable compared to other high-end brands. The Edie Shoulder Bag is said to be the ideal style if looking for a purse intended for everyday use.

8. Christian Dior

Christian Dior’s purses are usually square with varying handle styles. Many of their products are made from calfskin and lambskin that make their purses the products of interest for most bag-collectors. They also offer quilted and embroidered products that are not an expected style for a branded purse but gained positive reviews from the fashion industry. Lady D is considered one of the most popular Christian Dior style.

9. Hermes

Hermes is known to be one of the most expensive in purse brands due to skilled-handling of products that make its production limited for every model. The materials and features inherent to the creation add up to the rarity of all Hermes leather goods producing high-quality purses that are hard to find for most bag-collectors. The Birkin is the most famous purse for the Hermes brand.

10. Marc Jacobs

Another name in the purse brand that goes beyond the traditional looks of the luxury purse is Marc Jacobs. It created fresh and revolutionary designs that are said to be “correctly priced”. What is good about this brand is careful consideration for their works that should not affect the environment in making such products. The famous lines of Marc Jacobs brand are the Incognito Bag line and their Intarsia Bunny purses.

Purses, though small in size, can boost one’s confidence, especially they are branded ones.

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