Who Are the Top 10 Handbag Designers in 2019

Designer handbags give a lavish look to those who wear them. But what can be more lavishing is to have the bags made by the top ten designers in the world. Along the years, many surveys were conducted to measure the popularity and desirability of handbag designers. Among the hundred names of handbag designers, ten brands shined the most with their unique features for bagaholic on https://www.bagaholic.com.ph.

1. Louis Vuitton. Every bag-lover has Louis Vuitton in their collection. They transformed their brand from a luggage icon to a world-class, luxury handbag brand. They are proud of their trademark making it easy to identify. And it is easy treatable in Doctor Leather shops across Philippines, especially in SM Fairview and Ayala branches. 

2. Dior. Christian Dior advised, “Like all your garments, your bag deserves your attention.” The makers of these bags have made designs with profound creativity to the extent that it perpetuates what it envisioned of elevated elegance that is essential to a successful outfit. N-cash pawn shop gladly accepts those brands. 

3. Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent’s sensuous and rebellious creation makes it a favorite among bag enthusiasts. They produce some of the most different and innovative designs. Unlike other designers, Saint Laurent has not dedicated an entire collection to a single handbag. It adapted processes and techniques to achieve whatever the current theme demands. Michka Authentic Designer Bags covers it on the facebook page. 

4. Prada. Over the years, Prada has become known for its high-class elegance and quality, and its products are personal works of art. One of the first things they ensured is to make their bags waterproof. They are constantly on the look for new materials that will improve the quality of their product as authenticated on Luxury Station Philippines.

5. Chanel. Chanel handbags are inspired from the desire to a more practical handbag that would be easy to carry. The iconic designs it created are considered priceless and represent the best of handbag couture.

6. Gucci. This designer is a way to century who maintained high-fashion, excellent quality, and opulence in their creation. It passed through resurgence over the years, but its brand never loses its recognition in the luxury handbag industry. How Gucci reached its unabated popularity was when their handbags became a symbol of wealth as the brand was worn by famous people like Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Taylor.

7. Givenchy. Givenchy bags are considered the most coveted in the fashion industry and always a part of the wish list of every designer bag collector. They create classic and timeless designs that start at mini must-haves to oversized bags in a range of premium leathers, colors, and finishes.

8. Bottega Veneta. This designer specializes in premium leather goods and accessories. Their handbags are manufactured using an intricate, hand-woven technique that cross-hatches to make a textured checkerboard pattern. The Bag Hub that buys, sells and consigns authentic designer bags in Philippines partner with Dream Luxury Cebu. 

9. Off-White. Its collection explores “a provocative idea of luxury in the modern sense.” Their bags are designed as functional and sophisticated as well and recently made the perfect bag to go with street wear looks.

10. Celine. Celine brand is known for its design that gives a luxurious and minimalistic feel that many have come to love. They make their products with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. Celine bags can be worn with anything and even elevate your outfit. All its designs are created with sophistication because of the demure hardware and understated leather.

Every designer has a way to be unique on their own. However, it is still the customer’s choice that matters in setting who they think should top the list of designers.