Why Lazada.com.ph Doesn’t Offer Luxury Branded Designer Handbags

Lazada Philippines is definitely one the biggest names in online shopping for fashion and beauty items. You can buy just about anything from this online shopping platform, with the exception of authentic luxury designer handbags. If you are looking to invest on luxury handbags and purses from high-end fashion brands, Lazada simply is not the place to be, or never will it be.

Lazada is not the best online platform to satisfy your addiction to luxury bags.Here are reasons why Lazada.com.ph doesn’t offer luxury branded designer handbags

Lazada isn’t synonymous to luxury

Lazada is a relatively safe place to purchase common items that we use in daily life. You can even buy dry food items and large appliances from this website. But when it comes to high-end items such as luxury handbags, it’s not the first place that buyers should consider. https://www.facebook.com/dreamluxurycebu/

For one, Lazada Philippines does not specialize in the sale of luxury handbags and other high-end products. It is best known to consumers as a shopping site for those who want to get quality items at the lowest prices. So, at this point, it should already be clear to buyers that they do not offer luxury brand designer handbags.

High risk online marketplace

The Internet is teeming with luxury handbags and sadly, Lazada Philippines is one of the many places that can guarantee the authenticity of the items sold on their platform. Since the main function of Lazada is to provide a space for sellers to showcase their items, they do not implement any type of vetting process that can help buyers verify whether the Louis Vuitton they want to purchase from their site is authentic or otherwise.

Another problem is that some sellers are based overseas and provide very little information on the authenticity status of the products they offer. If you still proceed to purchasing a luxury handbag from a Lazada seller, be ready of the possibility that you may end up with a fake item. To add to these high risks, the return and refund processes are quite tricky in this platform, hence experts suggest directly buying from the actual boutiques or from online selling platforms that specialize in selling 100% guaranteed authentic luxury handbags and purses.

High-end designer brands do not sell on Lazada

Luxury handbag companies have a reputation to uphold. Their target market is a discerning group of people who know what they want and will do their due diligence to verify the authenticity of the items they are planning to sell.
When you are still firm in your decision to buy a luxury handbag from Lazada Philippines because the posted listings are significantly lower than in physical flagship stores, be ready for any possible consequences. Even if you contact a seller to confirm if their items are genuine, there is a chance that sellers will be dishonest, so they can sell you their products.

Tedious refund and return policies

Lazada Philippines is heaven sent when it comes to selling items and delivering them on time. But in the case of refunds and returns, they have the worst customer service. Although Lazada has a refund and return policies in place, these activities are known to be stressful and frustrating.

To avoid these problems, sellers should avoid buying from Lazada Philippines and simply go elsewhere when looking for 100% authentic luxury branded luxury handbags.

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