Why OLX is Better Than Ebay for Designer Bags

The Cyberworld provides for almost all of man’s needs. It became the platform of every possible activity, transaction, and interaction that people can maximize, like e-commerce (electronic commerce). It has a nature that can reach the global market, as it manages to get a direct link with the final consumer that is the very purpose of e-commerce – to shorten or even eliminate the product distribution chain.

Buy and sell sites are a kind of e-commerce that are very popular and helpful nowadays especially to fashionistas, such as Yoogi’s Closet and Fashionphile . They can choose from wide varieties of products made available online with the use of refining tools to narrow your search depending on the brand, budget, mode of payment and delivery. A bag-collector or bagaholic can make good purchases of pre-owned designer bags online at a lower price. This trend in trade and commerce gives rise to the massive circulation of goods and services as it reduces the transactions cost charged to its customers.

Why choose OLX than eBay for designer bags?

OLX and eBay are among the thousands of buy and sell sites in the world. They serve as virtual stores or malls, which sell all kind of consumer goods. Both online sites provide common servicing features as they have the same process of classified advertisement, and they can be accessed easily without requiring any fee.

If planning to resell a designer bag or purchase one, OLX gives a little edge over eBay. Some of the reasons are:

  • Audience and social engagement. OLX undeniably have a broader reach of audience and social engagements at approximately 2.93 million daily page views compared to 108,000 with eBay. A reason for this is that OLX provides the availability of its services in different languages. They also make visual promotions, like having a YouTube channel, to make it known to the public how they revolutionized the buying and selling industry. With the volume of page visitors daily, chances are high to get engagements on what you are looking to buy or sell.
  • Simplicity in creating ads. For sellers, it is a turn-off if they required to comply with a lot of registration and compliance to advertise even a simple, valuable product or post a rush sale. OLX only requires a few clicks to make a creative advertisement and let you input the essential details of the product for sale. Unlike OLX, eBay is changing all the time making it difficult for sellers to keep up with all the changes in its policies, features, and the platform itself. OLX has top-notch features and platform which helps the user to buy or sell the desired product in a matter of seconds on PawnHero.
  • Good SEO value. Another feature that makes OLX the best free online classified ads is its SEO (search engine optimization) value. Once you search for an item to buy or look for a site to sell, you will probably land to OLX ncash pawnshop. Finding it at once will lessen the time searching for a particular item for OLX make a way to refine it.

Online platform indeed gives us the convenience in buying and selling but it also necessary to look for the disadvantages. Just bear those qualities of a good customer – wise but trustworthy.

Facebook Marketplace as an alternative

There are many authentic bags Philippines facebook pages, that offer pre-loved bags. Most popular are The Bag Hub and Bagful of Goodies. They have many reviews, even though their rating is not that high. Not too far behind are Branded Store Ph. and Lux Online Ph.

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